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MMCESP envisions to achieve a competitive standard for the quality of its services both in cost and effectiveness. Our services are motivated within a frame of a well-defined and unique aim and that is to facilitate for your engineering and scientific problems the most effective and novel solution strategies. We achieve this through the application of data-driven mathematical modelling techniques and novel machine-learning solutions from numerous areas of contemporary research in applied mathematics.

It is needless to say that data-driven mathematical modelling is used in solving problems for industries that manufacture (bio, nano and general) technology, data analytics companies, insurance companies, agricultural industry, space technology, pharmaceutical industries and many more. MMCESP is confident to solve your problem in any of these areas using state-of-art methods in mathematical modelling and data science. Our services can also be consulted "in the most secure and confidential way" if you are thinking of putting a novel idea into a set of executable tasks that will ultimately lead to accomplishing the dream of your innovation.    


MMCESP is founded with a promise, that is never to compromise the quality of service, even if it requires to compromise our own profitability. Because it is the specialised passion-based knowledge and applications of data science and mathematical modelling that substantially drives the vision of MMCESP and not only the trivial attraction for making more money. 


In order to discuss the immediate application of our services for your needs at this initial stage, we offer a free of charge meeting upfront. For meetings after the first one, we classify the choices of what MMCESP can offer into three different packages namely Consultation on Defining the Question (CDQ), Consultation on the Solution Theory (CST ) and Consultation from Start to Finish (CSF). These packages can be purchased on an hourly basis for the duration of the task or each can be discussed as an individual contract with an agreed price. Our free of charge consultation meeting upfront is the essential step to discuss the appropriate application of these packages for your needs.  The meeting can happen face to face, or on Skype depending on distance, availability and convenience. The initial meeting is completely free from any hidden costs. You may take it for granted as a free opportunity for a chat with a professional mathematical modeller for technical advice that you may wish to implement by your own technical team without further consultation.    


  1. CDQ Package: The name stands for Consultation on Defining the scientific Question in pursuit of achieving growth and expansion if the client is from a commercial or trading industry, or in pursuit of understanding the deeper truth and the underlying mechanism of a process if the client comes from a scientific research industry.

  2. CST Package: Consultation on the Solution Theory and implementation of a scientific question that you have already defined but do not know how to solve. This package is most suitable for those entrepreneurs who already succeeded in identifying the problem but do not have sufficient mathematical or technical expertise to solve the problem.

  3. CSF Package:  Consultation from Start to Finish is the package that covers all aspects and the entire work-flow for the project of concern. This package is best suitable for someone who requires support on both defining the scientific question as well as on the strategy for solving the problem. 

    Note: The prices of these packages depend on the scope and complexity of the project, which can be discussed during the first free of charge meeting. The 50p charge on the free session is only added to help ensure that the client is genuinely considering to purchase our services.     

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