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MMCESP provides consultation and data-driven solution services for a diverse spectrum of problems having in common a degree of relevance to the application of contemporary data science and mathematical modelling techniques.  Our approach makes use of specialised knowledge of data-driven mathematical modelling equipped with knowledge of advance high-performance computing expertise to tackle your engineering and scientific problems. MMCESP is confident in bringing to you the most appropriate set of tools that are not only scientifically sound but also provide you with the optimal power to resolve future problems of a similar kind without external help.


In addition to the standard practice of improving the accuracy and measure of the output, we take particular pride in constructing data-driven models that are economically optimal and yet pragmatic and easily executable. Our confidence in the quality of service relies on the core vision that triggered the foundation of MMCESP, which is to create the easiest ever platform for engineering and scientific industry to adopt combined applications of data science and mathematical modelling inspired by the most up to date advancement of the relevant academic research.

Despite the large variety of ways through which our services can contribute to the growth of your company, we particularly welcome the type of problems that require expertise in the development, formulation and implementation of data-driven mathematical models.  Areas for which MMCESP at the current stage offers consultation and undertakes data science case studies and mathematical modelling for industrial purpose are:

  • Data-driven biological processes, from molecular and genetic interaction to ecology and beyond

  • Population dynamics, epidemiology and modelling disease outbreak (both with and without data) 

  • Quantitative agricultural modelling for yield prediction and soil science and chemical optimisation of fertilisers

  • Mathematical modelling of synaptic signalling in neurones (data-driven modelling of single synapse and mean-field signalling effects)

  • Modelling the performance of chemical batteries both deterministic and data-driven solutions

  • Modelling the performance of oxygen sensors used in medicine 

  • Simulation of models for some quantum processes both data-driven and theoretical modelling

  • Quantitative acoustic analysis for soundproof partitioning 

  • Wear analysis for aircraft wheels (frictional and thermal consequences of skid and non-skid) touch down 

  • Modelling salesman's route and other optimisation techniques

  • Image recognition and analysis such as image classification and face detection


       Wakil Sarfaraz

 © 2019     Founder & Consultant @ MMCESP


A model of a damped harmonic oscillatory motion.

Non-uniform adaptive triangular mesh

Adaptive non-uniform mesh generation on non-convex surfaces and volumes


Bounded harmonics depicted on the parametric surface of a mobius strip

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