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In practical context the professional relation of our staff with clients during the delivery of consultation is anticipated to fall in one of the following two categories:

  • Clients for consultation on method development:

This category consists of the type of clients who despite mathematical expertise have no time or insufficient speciality to resolve the problem of concern without help. Clients from this category are usually anticipated to maintain a closer interactive relation on the technical flow of the work we undertake. If this is you, we would love to hear about your interest both from directorial and/or advisory perspectives on the major components of the progress strategy and/or preferred method. The reason for such proposition is to express the freedom of our work-atmosphere and the flexibility of employing our skills and knowledge to approach your problem with a strategy of your choice (if you have one!). 

  • Clients for acquiring the end results and solution:

Clients from this category are anticipated to have minimum or no interest in the underlying technical details of how we accomplish the work. Instead they propose a certain problem and wish to obtain the solution through our services. The work relation of our staff with clients from this category is based on the necessity of communicating the administrative and other (non-technical) aspects of the project. Once the work is formally commenced an estimated time will be communicated by which the question of concern would be solved. If you are a client with minimum or no mathematical expertise but still wish to be exposed to the technical details, may be to learn how to use the steps that we take to solve your problem, we are happy to provide such engagement upon direct request from you.


Your company's logo and name will both appear on this page once you decide to use the services we provide 

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